Saccharomyces cerevisiae


The wide experimentation carried out by Enologica Vason's Research and Development biotechological section allowed developing some products (Third Generation's Fermentation Activators), technologies and operating procedures with regard to fermentation processes.
The latest innovation is Easyferm® allowing the control and automation of yeasts rehydration process and pied de cuve execution.

Name Specificity Use
BOOSTER ACTIV PREMIUM® New concept fermentation activator with detoxifying action In “stationary phase” (when the number of cells is stationary), using elements that provide small but valuable food supplementations and also detoxification factors ensures a smoother fermentation and avoids potential difficulties in the yeast’s activity.
COMPLEX RED Biotechnological Stabilizer and fermentation regulator based on yeast hulls During the fermentation: to contribute to the fermentative cleanness and colour stability.
Under refinement on rough wines: to obtain an increase in wine’s volume. In refinement, the best results are obtained in the long period.
COMPLEX SG Highly soluble stabilizer of the colloidal system It effectively stabilizes the colloidal suspension, which improves the overall sensation of roundness and suppleness to the palate.
D.A.P. ACTIV Balanced food for yeasts based on Ammonium Phosphate and Thiamine To be used in musts in fermentation, where it produces the favourable environment for the development and propagation of yeasts: therefore it avoids stunted fermentations that can lead to anomalies in composition, thus compromising the quality of the product
SOLFO ACTIV PREMIUM® AND FOSFO ACTIV PREMIUM® New yeast Food based on Ammonia For use in already started fermentation, when the yeast is in immediate need free nitrogen, and the presence of alcohol requires the presence of sterols provided by the cell walls. To be also used directly on the volume of must before yeasting.
V ACTIV AND V ACTIV SUPER Yeast Food based on Ammonia in the standard formulation with Thiamin Contains ammonium salts, thiamin and inert substrates, in balanced amounts. For use in must under fermentation, where there creates a favorable environment for the development and multiplication of yeast, and therefore avoids stuck fermentation.
V ACTIV PREMIUM® New conception complete fermentation activator and bioregulator Allows to carry out a regular and complete fermentation also in unfavourable substratum conditions, keeping under control the production of volatile acidity. Optimal contribution of beneficial nutrients – necessary for the growth of the yeast – and substances that support the cells ; Guarantee the adsorption of toxins.
V ACTIV SCORZE Special activator for the adsorption of undesirable elements in must. Heightened capacity to adsorb toxic substances present in the medium, in particular the short-chain fatty acids C8-C10, which inhibit cell-substrate exchange mechanisms
V STARTER PREMIUM® New fermentation activator and bioregulator Specifically improved in order to reduce volatile acidity and acetaldehyde (**) and to immediately provide revitalized and rehydrated yeast with the nutrients necessary for rapid multiplication and a quick fermentation start