Alcohol Removal


The reduction of the percent alcohol through direct passage on membrane

Vine’s cultivation and raising choices, together with last years' relevant weather changes, has often led to the production of very concentrated and highly alcoholic wines. Some recent market trends are requiring harmonious, typical wines, which are expression of their own territory, while not being affected by a high percent alcohol.
Therefore in many wine-making countries the request for alcohol removal technologies has been rapidly increasing.

MASTERMIND® REMOVE is a plant designed on the base of an original patent, aimed at performing a reduction of wine’s percent alcohol through membrane direct passage, without the need of fractionating. In this process the wine is not filtered, and it does not pass through the membrane, but it’s only the alcohol to be transferred into the extracting solution.

Membrane’s cleansing and regeneration cycles have been conceived and tested by Vason Group’s Research & Development Department, after a plurennial experience reached in managing electrodialysis (ED), cross-flow filtration (MFTS), reverse osmosis (JRO) and micro—filtration (SOFOS) plants.


Plant's Equipment and characteristics

The graphical interface allows for:

By operating in "automatic" mode, the programmable-logic controller (PLC) stops the alcohol removal treatment once the desired volume of extracted anhydrous alcohol has been reached.