Glass of Wine


Name Specificity Use Note
COMPLEX WHITE Mannoproteins-based product with stabilizing and protective action From the very end of fermentation on rough wines or more in general during refinement: to obtain an improvement in wine’s volume and concur to tartaric stability. In refinement, the best results are obtained in the medium term. Colloidal elements originated from yeast cells
MPA - PURE MANNOPROTEINS FOR AGEING Very pure Mannoproteins with partial stabilizing activity It can help to reach a better tasty balance helping tartaric stability. It's excellent both during ageing and before bottling.
MPL - PURE LIQUID MANNOPROTEINS Very pure liquid Mannoproteins-based product, in liquid form, ready to use It can help to reach a higher tasty balance and tartaric stability. Excellent both during ageing and before bottling. Liquid form, Ready to use