Reverse Osmosis


Must Concentration by Reverse Osmosis

The wine market continuously requires from year to year more important, concentrated, full-bodied, harmonious products, and above all enduring from the qualitative point of view. Climatic changes and other factors affecting vineyard activities have forced researchers to look for more specialized techniques to safeguard high production standards.

The first industrial applications made by JUCLAS for must treatment with reverse osmosis date back to 1994. Since then JUCLAS has been authorized by the Ministry to experiment this new technique to obtain EEC approval.

Researchers at Enologica Vason, in collaboration with JUCLAS, created JRO, a range of systems for must treatment made by using reverse omosis membranes. These systems guarantee high efficiency and low energy consumption. Moreover, experience gained during the many years of experimentation, allowed a testing of a wide range of membranes in order to meet the specific requirements of each product.


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