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The Tannin Kit


Protection, Stabilization and Structuration

The fermentation process is over. No more extraction or maceration is available to change the balance of your wine.
Now comes the time of early blending, barrelling and fine adjustments. The potential you expressed needs to be protected. It may need to be stabilized and sometimes completed.

That is where enological tannins arrive on the scene.

Enologica Vason built a couple decade of experience in that field and leads the market in Italy. There will be always one product matching your specific objectives.

We will be happy helping you finding out the product you need in the extensive range of Vason’s tannins.

Tasting Results

Here is a selection of tannins, tasted by winemakers in Ontario and British Columbia :

Tannins Tasting in Canada - November 2012
Tannins Reactivity Mouthfeel Aromatic
PREMIUM® TOSTATOTOSTATO: obtained from toasted French Allier cask wood via a special extraction and desiccation process. High-range ellagic product, suggested for the finishing stages.

Extremely fine and elegant even at the lowest dosages, it is used to enrich the organoleptic complexity.
- ++ +++
PREMIUM® UVA SGUVA: extracted from grapes. PREMIUM® UVA reflects the tannic composition naturally present in grapes. Its high reactivity to proteins and the coloring substance make this a very important tool in vinification.
As a protein stabilizer in white wines, from fine fermentation until racking.
To reduce the activity of oxidizing enzymes, at grape pressing.
To rebalance the tannin composition of red wines, from devatting onwards, also during structuration, together with an accurate dosage of oxygen through micro-oxygenation.

Optimal effect with respect to oxidation-reduction stability, also at bottling. It brings freshness when used in moderate amounts.
- ++++ -
PREMIUM® WHISKY LATTONE SGWHISKY LATTONE: granulated Product obtained from tannins extracted from fine american oak wood. It is a high-quality product extracted and dried through specific procedures, taking particular care to the fine raw material. Its composition is thus characterized by polyphenolic substances with not very aggressive organoleptic properties, so that they can enhance the structure of great wines, without being predominant. It is very delicate. - ++ +++
PREMIUM® STABSTAB: extracted from selected vegetable material. Allows for the treatment of wine with minimal disturbance of the sensory characteristics of the product. It has an optimal reactivity to proteins. Tests have shown this is an effective stabilizer against the invasiveness of oxygen.

Its exclusive action is advisable for fine white wines, even the aromatic ones, during maturation or pre-bottling.
++ + -
TI PREMIUM® SGPREMIUM TI: Granulated, highly soluble, catechinic tannin extracted from green tea.
TI PREMIUM® SG is a tannin characterized by high catechinic content, with a composition very similar to the grapes’ one, obtained through a delicate extraction process of the best Oriental selections of green tea.
Leaves, once collected, are processed with steam and immediately dried so that they can keep unaltered the original characteristics of catechins and polyphenols. The composition of this product stands out thanks to the presence of precious elements which are very reactive to anthocyans and oxidasic enzymes (laccase and e polyphenols oxidase).

Treated wines reveal higher softness, roundness and fresher aromas. We do not find the sensory interactions of other catechinic tannins not derived from grapes (e.g. quebracho).
+++ - ++++
PREMIUM® VINACCIOLOVINACCIOLO: PREMIUM® VINACCIOLO SG is the fruit of a very careful selection among the best tannins which could be extracted from grapes. Its tannic composition is typically catechinic, originated from well-ripened berries.
Therefore it has a very pleasant and fresh organoleptic aspect even used at higher dosages. The formulation of procyanidic and catechinic origin gives this product a high reactivity both towards proteins (polyphenoloxidases included) and colouring substances.

PREMIUM® VINACCIOLO SG is the catechinic tannin par excellence.
+++ + -
PREMIUM® RESVERATROLORESVERATROLO: Granulated product obtained from a blend of condensed tannins, it is the fruit of an accurate and plurennial selection of vegetable raw materials, all of which are very interesting due to their procyanidin and catechin composition.

The innovative aspect of PREMIUM® RESVERATROLO SG lays in its composition including a tannin extracted from red-berried Vitis vinifera leaves: the initial intuition got its confirmation from the scientific world, which for many years has been indicating vine leaf, as a very interesting raw material due to the marked presence of resveratrol, well-known compound with antiradicalic and antioxidant effect.
++++ ++ -
TUTTIFRUTTI® REDTUTTIFRUTTI RED: Exclusive ellagic tannin, with unique characteristics. The high-quality raw material, derives from an extraction process which is extremely delicate and selective, so that it fully safeguards its quality.

TUTTIFRUTTI® RED is an ellagic, fruited, tannin, characterized by clean notes of red-berried fruit. It has clarifying properties. Indicated for the pre-bottling operations with dosages from 2 to 5 g/hL on reds and from 1 to 5 on rosé.

Less indicated for white wines.
++ + -